Overcall at 2 level
Make a 2/1 response in competition (Playing SAYC you can make a 2/1 response anytime.)
Jump respond to partner's take out dbl (9 is enough)
Redouble after your rho makes a take out double (holding no 4-card major and usually lacking support for partner's major)
Use new minor forcing (NMF) (checkback/Crowhurst) to check for a 3-5 major fit or a concealed 4-card major, after opening partner rebids 1NT or 2NT
X NOT make a Michaels cue bid or bid the Unusual NT (unless you have 17+, this is the mini-maxi treatment)
Assume there is a game when partner opens 1NT
Assume there is a slam when partner opens 2 (unless missing 2 aces)
Invite game when partner opens and you can support her major
Invite game when partner opens one of a suit and rebids 1NT
As a passed hand, use Drury holding support for partner's major suit
Make a limit raise in competition
X NOT make a 3-level weak jump shift in competition (too strong)
Make a neg double at 3 level
Balance if a 1 bid is passed around to you