Comparison of Various No Trump Defenses

Cappelletti DONT iDONT Brozel Lionel Landy
double penalty --> 2C
--> 2C
--> 2C
4S + a
lower suit
(and 11+ hcp)
2C -->2D  (relay) C + a higher suit2 C + a higher suit2 C + H C + H
2D majors D + a major suit2 D D + H D + H
2H H + a minor1 majors H majors H H
2S S + a minor1 S (weak) S S + a minor1 S S
2NT minors   minors? minors minors minors

After the 2C relay (or 2D relay in the case of Cappelletti): 

Cappelletti, DONT and Brozel pass or correct to their six-card suit. 

iDONT: post-2C relay bids are the same as DONT immediate bids. (Click here for more detailed information on iDONT.)


1Advancer bids 2NT to ask for overcaller's minor in Capp and Brozel.

2DONT and iDONT advancers may bid the next higher suit trying to find best fit.

3A strong DONT/iDONT advancer (14+) replies 2NT to ask about overcaller's strength. Modified Ogust bids are then used to specify strength and exactly which suits are held.

4Lionel Advancer with 10+ hcp may convert a Lionel double to penalty, raise spades (in several ways), bid 2C (or 2D with 4+ diamonds) asking overcaller to show her second suit, or bid a new suit.

5Landy advancer with equal majors bids 2D to the Landy 2C asking overcaller to “pick a major”.