Moscow Escapes - provide a convenient countermeasure when an opponent doubles your 1NT opener for penalty. Some kind of escape is necessary when playing weak notrump openers, but the gadget can be handy even when playing strong notrump openers. This adaptation of the DONT convention is one of several Moscow escape variations currently in use. If you know and use DONT and iDONT, there is nothing much to learn which is important for those of us who are memory challenged.



1N - (X) - XX

Responder's Redouble shows a single-suited hand

1N - (X) - 2C

Shows a two-suited hand: Clubs and a higher suit

1N - (X) - 2D

Shows a two-suited hand: Diamonds and a higher suit

1N - (X) - 2H

Shows a two-suited hand: Hearts and Spades

1N - (X) - 2S

To play in Spades, taking up more bidding space than beginning with a Redouble followed by 2S