1) Confirm a 4-4 major fit immediately


2) Identify your strength as WEAK, MODERATE, or STRONG opener


WEAK (13-15)

1) Simple Raise of partner's 1 spade/1 heart major (with 4+ card support)

2) Simple Raise of partner's 2 spades/2 hearts major (with 3+ support)

3) 1 NT (or 2NT if necessary) with relatively balanced hand

4) Bid a new suit at the 1-level

5) Rebid your own opening suit (6+)

6) Bid a new, lower ranking suit, at 2 level

7) Rebid your own opening 5-card suit

8) Pass if responder bid 1 NT and your hand is relatively balanced

9) Pass if right hand opponent (RHO) overcalled partner and you cannot support partner's suit at 2-level. (Exception: you can support partner's major at 3-level with 15.)


MODERATE (16-18)

1) Jump Raise partner's major suit (4+ card support) from 1 to 3 level, 3+ card support from 2 to 4 level.

2) Bid a new major at the one level

3) Jump raise your own opening suit (5+ major, 6+ minor)

4) Bid 2NT over RHO 2-bid with stopper

5) Bid 3NT to partner's 2-level response with support

6) REVERSE: bid a new, higher ranking suit than you opened

7) Bid a new, lower ranking suit at 2-level (this is an underbid)

8) Raise partner's minor suit to 3-level

9) Jump raise partner's minor


STRONG (19-21)

1) Jump to GAME in your major or partner's major

2) Jump shift to new suit (4+ cards if minor suit, 5+ cards if major suit)

3) Jump from 1-level to 2NT (18-19 hcp) or 3NT (20-21+) and relatively balanced

4) Cue bid opponentŐs suit

5) Splinter*: Double jump shift to new suit to show support for partner's major and void or singleton in the suit jumped to (*alertable)



Note: Unless responder has previously passed, ANY new suit bid by responder is forcing. Opener cannot pass responderŐs new suit bid.