You have a minimum balanced hand, and although you don't like the look of those clubs, you are content to bid 1NT. It's unlikely you considered 2, but if you had, that would have been a reverse.

Suppose partner had bid 2 over your 1? Now what? At the 2-level that worthless tripleton in clubs looks even more worrying. If you are playing SAYC, partner has promised 10 hcp+, is it safe to bid 2? What if you are playing 2/1? Then partner has made a game force. Now is it okay to make a reverse in hearts with this minimum hand?

The answers to these and similiar questions arise in many different contexts when your second suit is a higher ranking one than the one you opened. There is no universally agreed way to play reverses--but one thing is sure: in the absence of an agreement with partner, they are bound to come up!