Ten Commandments
for Bridge Partners

Ten Bridge Commandments

1) Remember that you and partner are on the same side and she wants to win as much as you do.

2) Say unto partner as you would have said unto you.

3) Criticize not your partner for an action that didn't happen to work this time (result criticism).

4) Sympathize with partner if she makes a mistake.

5) If you feel the urge to be nasty, sarcastic, critical or loud, excuse yourself and take a walk.

6) Do not give lessons unless you are paid to do so. “According to an evening paper, there are only five real authorities on bridge in this country. Odd how often one gets one of them as a partner.” (Punch Magazine)

7) Although it may be unfashionable, it really is okay to be pleasant to a partner with whom you also happen to live.

8) Try to picture problems from partner's point of view. Seek the bid or play that will make her life easiest.

9) Trust partner, do not assume partner has made a mistake.

10) If you think you are too good for a partner and do not enjoy playing with him, finish the session graciously and then do everyone a favor and in future play with someone else.

Excerpted and adapted from M. Bergen (1995) Points Schmoints, Stamford, CN: Magnus.