Dealer: West
Vul: EW
Opening Lead: 10
S K 10 9 4
H A 9 8 7 6 3 2
D 6
SJ 8 6 3
DQ J 7 5 2
CA 10 9
S ---
HK Q 5 4
DA K 10 9 4
C8 6 4 3
S A Q 7 5 2
D 8 3
C K Q 7 5 2
West North East South
P P 1 D 1 S
2D 4 S 5 D 5 S
all pass

Declarer led a small heart from the board and ruffed it with the Queen of Spades, West discarding a small diamond. That play doomed the contract, for when declarer next laid down the Ace of spades and East showed out, there was now no way to keep the defense from forcing declarer in hearts and diamonds, winding up taking two spades, a diamond, a club and a heart for down three doubled, -500 and -7.15 imps.

Had declarer read the opening lead for what it almost certainly way--a singleton heart, he would have realised that the heart suit could never be brought in. Therefore clubs would have to be set up, and provided that they broke 4-3, they could be. Immediately upon winning the opening lead with the heart Ace, declarer must attack clubs. The club jack falls to West's Ace of clubs, and now West can do no better than return a diamond to partner's Ace. A heart return is ruffed low by declarer and West can overruff, but that's the last trick for the defense. Down one doubled for -100 earns +.64 imps.